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Find Success in Wholesale Jewelry: A Guide to Creating and Selling Unique Bijou in Bulk

You are a creative with solid background and credentials on jewelry artistry. And you wish to integrate your talents into commerce and make money out of it. Wholesale jewelry is the type of trade you are specifically eyeing.

How do you go about it?

Wholesale Business Fundamentals

Jewelry creations: What do you want to specialize in and sell?

Find Your Niche and Identify Your Expertise

It can be classic, affordable semiprecious beadworks. They are affordable and extends to a wide range of markets which includes young students who live on their monetary allowances still, regular office workers who rely on monthly salary, people who earn higher and can afford more pricey adornments, fashionistas who really spend on accessories, fellow jewelers who buy and appreciates an associate’s works, beadworks collectors who just fancy hoarding unique items, and many others.

With beadworks, you can practically sell to people from every socio-economic class.

You can also choose to focus on wireworks. Which specific precious metal are you fond of? Is it silver, gold or platinum? They are more expensive and you can cater to high-end market with your fine metal collections. You can also incorporate precious stones into your wireworks.

Whichever it may be that you decide on choosing, make sure that you stand out. Call out to your artistic muses and get those creative juices brimming. Be unique and be that one supplier in the market that every jewelry aficionado is talking about and whose collections they are watching out for.

Along the process and as your wholesale jewelry business grows, remember to reinvent and adjust as necessary.

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Find High Quality Raw Materials at the Best Price

Finding the cheapest possible source of high quality raw materials for your wholesale jewelry trade may prove to be like finding a needle in a haystack. It is taxing and laborious. You have to invest time, energies and efforts in this aspect of the business.

Right at your fingertips, start with online sourcing. Exhaust all search words and be patient with as many search results as you can.

Go to bazaars and trade shows. Meet people out there and start a conversation. You never know when you may bump into someone who has ideas about cheap sourcing for jewelry-making. You may even run into a potential investor as an added bonus to your goal as to why you went in the first place.

Start local. Then go international. If you are a traveler, then you are at an advantage. Visiting different places offers you the chance to, say, meet miners of precious jewelry materials or village women with whom you can potentially work with in the wholesale manufacturing.

Marketing: How do you plan to draw attention to your wholesale jewelry business

Increase your exposure and the visibility of your brand. Very much easily, take your wholesale jewelry online. It is today’s most convenient and cost-effective way of advertising and promotion, and its reach cuts across the globe.

Not only online, be present and available to talk and consult with. It is great to actually interact with your current and future clients in person. Respond to their queries with honesty and accuracy.

In relation to the decision you make on which specific jewelry type to focus on, once you can decide in that aspect, it is easier to set out on your pricing.

Established and growing network: Build and nourish your professional relationships.

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Final thought

Build and maintain a wide network of contacts – from clients and patrons, retailers, investors, creditors, to other business associates. Keep in touch and keep them on the loop about your latest product collections. Be sincere and patient in dealing with them. Earn their trust and you gain credibility.

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