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There’s Actually a Party Bus Rental? What?

Austin, Texas is a hub of activities. Well, technically, most of Texas is; but that’s what happens when you are the capital city of the 2nd-largest state in the most powerful nation in the world (that would be the United States of America, if that wasn’t clear yet). And as with most capital cities in the world (waiver: I haven’t been to all of them but I hear they all have something in common), it has all of the entertainment and “let’s paint the town red” activities that you can handle.

the best patry bus rental

Party, Party

Who doesn’t want a party? And I’m not talking about the social, affluent, “hello, how do you do?” types of parties. I mean the PARTEYAYS.  There are so many clubs and night, um, activities to choose from. From the Broken Spoke, to the Continental Club, to the Speakeasy, and the perfectly-named The Goodnight. I can’t go into the details of what these places offer but I can guarantee a great time when you visit them.

Suffice to say, I haven’t visited all these district but they all deliver on their promise and they all deserve the reputation that precedes them. And then there’s Austin’s Dirty Sixth Street, to which I will just leave it at that.

Moving Around

With all these places to visit, you need the perfect vehicle to use so as not to embarrass yourself or your friends when they go with you. And it’s nit just a matter of choosing the perfect car or the best patry bus rental when traveling as a group, it’s also about having panache and having a sense of style that can make your self-esteem rise to the top.

It could be as simple as renting a sedan for you and your wife to visit that romantic dinner you’ve planned for a year; or it could be renting a slightly bigger SUV for the family to tour the Texas State Capitolor the Lady Bird Lake. For corporate formalities, you can book thr Mercedes Splinter to make your colleagues envious.

Best Bus Ever

And for the party people (meaning you and your friends who want to make the most of your time in Austin), you can always rent the best party bus rental in Texas. Then you can visit all those places we talked about, and even enjoy the ride going there. Just don’t bring your kids when you go there, they probably won’t understand what’s going on.

R&R Limousine and Bus provides all the best transportation services for you and your group, and then some. They even have the Limousine Bus, if you want to experience that. Plus they have the luxurious motor coach, for the more affordable but still very comfortable and very elegant motor coaches. What’s not to love?

I mean the PARTEYAYS


You’ve Got To Move It

So to get the most out of money, contact R&R Limousine and Bus or go online and type www.rrlimobus.com. They will give you an instantaneous and free(!) estimate. Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate vehicle for your wife, or the loudest party bus rental, this is the transportation service for you. So call them or send an email now, and don’t miss the events you’ve been itching to join.

Let the party begin!!!


R&R Limousine and Bus
9315 Thaxton Road
Austin, TX 78747
Phone: 512-947-7433

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