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Be Cautious of Computer Virus

Is your computer safe from a computer virus?

What is a computer virus? Why are they created? How do I protect my computer from computer virus? What is an effective way for computer virus removal?

You may have asked yourself of those questions and searched the internet for the answers, that is why you have stumbled into this article.

What is a Computer Virus

A computer virus is a man-made malicious software which infects the operations and files of the desktops. It infects other programs in your computer and replicates itself. When a computer program that is infected by a virus is transferred to another computer, the new unit is infected and replicated itself there until the computer’s operations are disturbed. Once it has infected your PC, you should commence a computer virus removal¬†right away.

If computer viruses are man-made, then why are they created if they are only to harm our computers?

Why Do People Create Viruses

There are many reasons why some people create a computer virus. But some of the primary reasons are: to steal identity and information from others; to make money, and some are just as simple as to cause troubles and problems to others.

Whatever the reasons why some people create these viruses, the thing is, your own computer or laptop can be affected by them.

What Happens if Your Computer is Affected By a Computer Virus

When your laptop is infected by a virus, it can fill up your storage drive since it continually replicates itself. Computer viruses can also interfere with the Internet traffic and can destroy or corrupt your files. And if you don’t detect it at its early stages, the virus may destroy your hard drive where your important files are stored, and can also interrupt with some functions of your operating system.

You might notice that your disk spaces already full even if you only have few files and have deleted many of your programs, or your laptop often lags or suddenly turns off even if you are not using heavy programs. And it is not easy to revive your desktop back to its normal state. You will still have to configure things to make it back to normal, and your work and productivity may be affected. You wouldn’t want these things to interrupt your income, especially in this digital world where most jobs and businesses are relying on web and technology.

Because of these inconveniences, you should protect your computer from these viruses.

How Do You Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Before even having to remove computer viruses that have infected your computer, protect it from intruding to your unit in the first place. Be cautious of attachments in the e-mails that you receive.

Even if you got it from someone you know and trust, his unit may be virus infected, and the virus is trying to send itself to other computers. Some indications are e-mails with absurd titles. Keep away from these e-mails. If you’re not sure if the attachment is safe or not, scan it. E-mail providers now have an automatic scan to detect if the file is malicious.

An antivirus and anti-spyware/malware are a big help to your computer. Once you download a file from your e-mail, scan it in your antivirus software to make sure it is clean. Always be sure to update your antivirus software, as viruses also “mutate.”


Always be cautious about the files that you add to your computer. Have with you a good and updated antivirus system for effective computer virus detection and removal.

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