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Common Mistakes Businesses Make Online

A lot of businesses today struggle to become the market leader in their own industry. Mistakes online can stop businesses from getting new customers. Here are some of the most common disastrous business mistakes that business owners make when they go online.

Failing to address a crisis

To err is human. It is a common scenario to encounter problems ranging from angry customers, to even problems that have blown out of proportion online. A good example of this is the United Airlines debacle wherein an overbooked flight caused one of their passengers to be removed. Moments after the crisis, CEO even made it worse by not addressing the concern of their customers.

As rule of thumb, it is a good idea to have a background in crisis management. It is a good idea to apologize and admit the mistake if there is already an uproar. It is easier to make amends than to stand your ground that your company committed no mistake. Proving to everyone that you are right may not be the best move all the time especially when dealing with paying customers.

Abandoning the complaints

If there is a complaint about the product or services that you offer, it is a good idea that you address it immediately. Failure to address complaints can give the company a bad reputation. Even if the complaint fell on your email, make sure that you do what you can to please the customers.

Make sure that you also make the right return policy if you are selling a product. This makes sure that you are also protected from consumers who are also taking advantage of businesses.

Not having a long-term content strategy

Content is considered as an important commodity for businesses. It can help give businesses the necessary boost that they need in terms of SEO. It can also help businesses attract more customers. Hiring a good content writer is a good way to plan your content in the long run. You can also maintain the style that you want with just one content writer.

Not having a website that is mobile friendly

It is a serious mistake to not have a mobile friendly website. A mobile-friendly website can make all the difference if you are going to compete with other companies. Not having a mobile-friendly website can affect your ranking, not to mention, increase your bounce rate. Keep in mind that mobile internet is growing. And most likely, it is going to surpass the use of desktops.