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The Benefits of Buying a Life Insurance

Are you already insured? Have you already bought a life insurance?

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What Is Life Insurance?

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Life insurance is an insurance that gives financial security to the insurance owner by paying out the individual after a set period, or the beneficiary by paying out a certain amount of money on the death of the insurance owner.

“Why should I buy a life insurance?” you may have asked of that when you can just simply save for your own.

Here are the advantages of buying a life insurance and why you should get one

Benefits of Buying a Life Insurance

1. Long-Term Savings

By buying a life insurance, you are saving for your future. You are sure to have long-term savings which you can get in a certain period. You can then use it for new investments or to start a business once you have retired, or you may also want to give your insurance savings as a wedding gift to your son or daughter. Buying a life insurance gives you large savings to have a better future for you and your loved ones. You can use these savings in emergencies or investments like purchasing a condo.

2. Financial Security for Your Family

It is hard to have lost a loved one. It will even be harder if the loved one is the primary income provider in the family. We all know that death is inevitable and that most of the time, it doesn’t give a queue.

When an insured person passes away, the beneficiary, usually the spouse or the children will be provided the financial assistance of the insurance company for the insurance that the deceased person bought when he was still alive. Through this, they can have financial security where the family can still cope up with the financial struggle that they may face due to the loss of their family member. At the very least, finances wouldn’t add up to the emotional struggle that the family is facing, and through time, they can have better emotional healing.

3. Better Tax Treatment

Life insurance has tax-free advantages which other saving institutions don’t have. The beneficiary is privileged to have income tax-free death benefits. And depending on the state of the insurance policy, it can also be estate tax-free. You are also free from income taxes when you get cash value withdrawals and policy loans. How else can you enjoy your finances, but by being tax-free? For more on tax benefits call James & Associates.


Financial FreedomSave for the rainy days, not just for your own future, but more importantly for your loved ones. Be insured with your life and enjoy the benefits you get once you are paid out. Or perhaps, when the fates are not in your favor and your inevitable moment has arrived, and you have to leave your family, at least you can still be able to provide financial assistance to them. They may still need to cope up in life emotionally, but at least they don’t need to worry financially.

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