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Add an Online Scheduling Software to Your Websites

Do you own a firm that provides services to customers which can involve consultation, demos, customer services, and other appointment-based services?

You might already have a website for your business, with a “Contact Us” page for them to contact you when they need appointments.

How do you book their appointment schedules with your team? Has it been efficient so far? Maybe you want to get a booking system that is more convenient and hassle-free for both of you and your clients.

For a great online scheduling software, you can check out BookedIN.

What Is Online Scheduling Software

It is a tool that is added into a business website which allows customers to book appointments online in advance to avail the firm’s services. In a business website with this management software, there is a “schedule an appointment” button for your clients to book and confirm appointments in advance.

As a business owner, having an online scheduling software in your website can be beneficial not only for your clients but also to help you have less hassle and more accurate client bookings.

Features of an Online Scheduling Software


1. Quick and Easy

There’s no need to hang the phone up to check if their desired schedules are vacant or not. With just a few drag and drops buttons in the software, your client can then set an appointment with you.

2. Convenient

Your customers can access your website 24/7, so even at 2 o’clock in the morning, they can still schedule an appointment with your team, unlike the traditional way of setting a date where they still have to call you or go to your office.

3. Efficient

In setting schedules in advance, your clients will have an idea that if they don’t show up in the set schedules, they are unlikely to be entertained because there are already booked schedules after theirs.

How This Tool Works

Different online scheduling software may have different features, but the main flow of this kind of software is easy.

Steps on How It Works

1. In a website, the client clicks that “schedule and appointment” button. It is where the online scheduling starts.

2. The client selects the service, date and time of his preferred appointment schedule.

3. The Client then fills up the necessary information and contact details.

4. The client then confirms the appointment.

5. The firm then sends a confirmation email to the customer with the confirmed appointment details.

6. A day before the appointment schedule, the customer is notified in the email as a reminder.


Most people are now using the internet. Take advantage of the Internet in your business. Don’t just make a website for the clients to visit and get to know of your services. In their busy schedules, having a “schedule an appointment” button on your site when they skim through it can help make them decide to avail of your services and schedule them in advance in an easy to follow steps.

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