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Differences Between B2C and B2B Environment

The B2B environment can be hectic since you are selling to other salespeople, the executive of a company, or a committee that makes decisions on procurement.

The sales tactics needed to get through a simple sale change completely if you are to sell to businesses as opposed to individual consumers.

With enough experience, however, a salesperson doing B2C can transform and operate in the B2B environment with ease.

It all depends on the selling tactics employed and how well they are executed. The two environments differ on other fronts as well.

 Differences Between B2C and B2B Environment

The Basic Difference

B2B is the short form of business-to-business; where one business sells products or services to another business.

Think of a business in the paper industry selling their papers to a publishing firm or a publishing company selling their books to retailers all over the world.

But this does not limit them to selling to other businesses; they can still sell directly to consumers.

B2C is shorthand for business-to-consumers; this is where a business sells its products or services directly to consumers.

Think of a publishing company that retails its books to consumers or a supplements company that sell their supplements to consumers.

These businesses are not in any way smaller than B2B, but their mode of operation is different.


The B2B environment is different for salespeople since their usual tactics fail to work when they are selling to executives.

When selling directly to consumers, most often stating the benefits, and displaying them as the solution to the consumers’ problems will convert potential buyers into consumers of your products and services.

However, the executive of the purchasing team from another business needs to more detailed information about the product.

They want quality at a cost that will allow them to sell to their consumers at a fair price while making profits. Some may even want to learn more about the science behind the product.

When selling to another company, your products might be put to the test for a few days before you are given a contract to supply.

How is B2B Better?

B2B and B2C both have their part and advantages of ensuring products and services reach consumers. In a B2B environment, it might take you a long time before you make your first sale.

Your product needs to go through vetting and testing by the buying company’s specialists, and the payment processes goes through different departments. Finally, however, you will make a huge sale.

With most companies, as long as your product or service does not deteriorate in quality, you become their long-term supplier.

 Difference Between B2C and B2B Environment

Do B2B the Right Way

If you are just getting started in the B2B environment, there is a lot you need to learn to be good at it. Check out this B2B Guide and get the basics to kick-start your journey. Once you master the art of selling to other businesses, you will have found a path of making more money.

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