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10 Dental Marketing Tips You Need To Use Today

Advertising Your Dentist Office

If you’re a dentist, you are a business person. When you’re in business marketing is inevitable. Long ago, dentists didn’t do marketing at all. At this age, patients don’t open yellow pages but search for dentists online. Why not make dental marketing your priority?

One Area of Marketing Where You Can Explore Is Social Media

Start building relationships with your patient by engaging with them in social media. Like most of the people, your patients are in social media. They spend a lot of their time browsing social media platforms. Use this to your advantage.

Your patients don’t visit you every day. At the minimum, they come to your clinic twice a year only, so on other days connect with them using social media.

On Facebook, make your Facebook page and invite them to like your page. What is the content you can post on your page? You have a lot of valuable content to share with them like:

  • Video clips of the proper way of flossing your teeth
  • Article links about water flossing
  • Before and after photos of a teeth whitening job
  • Short videos of Invisalign procedures

Engage with them by replying to their messages or responding to their comments. Whatever issues they have you can deal with them by responding.

For more brand awareness you can ask a dental marketing pro to make a Facebook ad for you.

On Twitter, you can tweet about the latest dental products you are introducing. At your Instagram account, you can share photos of Dr. John Nosti modern dental clinic.

You can greet them on special occasions by sending them e-greeting cards.

Dental Marketing SolutionsOther Dental Marketing Strategies Which You Can Use:

  1. Know your competitors. Check what they are offering and make a competitive offer.
  2. Ask your dental marketing pro to improve your branding. Have a professionally designed logo and consistent color scheme across your office and other materials.
  3. Be active in community activities to establish a good reputation.
  4. Give them solutions to their problems. If they want to have white teeth, offer them teeth whitening.
  5. Have a website and be active with blogging. You’ll be easily on the map when you have a website. Post relevant content always.
  6. Optimize your website for search engines. This means optimizing for a desktop as well as for a mobile device. It must have a responsive web design.
  7. Don’t forget a Call to Action always. Call to action phrases like “call for your appointment” should be easily clickable on your site or your social media platforms.
  8. Follow up using social media, emails, or newsletters.
  9. Use a referral system. If a patient brings in a new patient, give him discount the next time he comes for his next appointment.
  10. Use pay per click or other advertising platforms. You can pay google for a first spot on the page. You can pay other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for advertising your clinic.


Use social media and other marketing strategies for your dental practice to increase leads and converting leads to patients.

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